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Remote Learning

Following the latest government announcement, all pupils across the country are having to access remote learning up to February half term.  We are saddened by this news, but know that the decisions are made in order to minimise the risks of the COVID pandemic and to keep us all safe.

We want to ensure that pupils re-establish good learning routines after the Christmas break and maintain progress with their learning.  We know that this will present some challenges in some homes but we hope that in doing this we can allow pupils greater connectivity to their teachers and maintain more structure to their learning than in the previous lockdown.

The teachers will set work using Microsoft Teams and use the class page of the school website for further links to work and resources.  Microsoft Teams will be used to host two live lessons a week for each class and to allow pupils to use live “chat” with teachers, during that lesson.  This live chat will provide pupils with immediate feedback and support, allowing them to access work at the time of the lesson and hopefully reduce frustration and demotivation at home.  We will also use this medium for virtual components such as live lessons, video content and other forms of online working such as TTRock Stars and Maths Whizz. Reception will use Tapestry to set work and will use Microsoft Teams for the live sessions.

All children are expected to engage with remote learning and must complete the work set and submit this to the class teacher using Teams. This may be through uploading pictures or documents of the work completed. Parents of any child who does not engage in online learning will be contacted to ensure engagement improves moving forward and other support may be offered to help engagement.

What will the remote learning look like?
Your child’s class teacher will plan 3 lessons per day which will include through the week live lessons, which will be recorded, and pre-recording sessions. 

The use of Microsoft Teams will ensure that feedback is provided to pupils to ensure they progress during any period of remote learning. Staff will try to respond between 9am and 3pm (Monday to Friday) and within 24 hours but please be patient as the staff are also in school on some days for the key worker and vulnerable children as well as planning future lessons and activities.

More information on how to use Microsoft Teams can be found here.

Live lessons will be timetabled as per below so that only one year group has live lessons at the same time:













9.00 – 9.45

Year 6

Year 2


Year 2


10.00 – 10.45

Year 5

Year 1

Year 6

Year 5

Year 1

11.00 – 11.45


Year 3

Year 3









13.00 – 13.45

Year 4



Year 4


Live lessons will be recorded for safeguarding and will be uploaded for those unable to attend to view at a later time.

Maths lessons will be uploaded to the class page of the school website and on Microsoft Teams. Short Pre-recorded videos will be available during the week, supporting learning or addressing misconceptions from the class. One live lesson will take place each week.  Other resources may be used such as videos from White Rose Maths. Times Table Rock Stars will be continued to be used to promote fluency of times table facts.  

English tasks will be uploaded to the class page of the school website and on Microsoft Teams. Short Pre-recorded videos will be available during the week, supporting learning or addressing misconceptions from the class. One live lesson will take place each week.  Children will continue to have spellings to learn. Read activities will be sent home too, supplementing their independent reading for pleasure. 

Other Subjects
Foundation subjects will be uploaded to the class page of the school website and Microsoft Teams for children to complete and hand in virtually.  The content of the lesson will continue to embed learning from their current topic. 

A variety of resources will be available to support children’s learning such as resource sheets, website links and pre-recorded videos.

Each day pupils will have three lessons planned. These will be in English, maths and topic. The live lessons are timetabled as seen in the previous table and for those children unable to attend at the time the video will be uploaded to the Microsoft Teams class page to view at a more convenient time. All live lessons have been staggered so that siblings will not require a device at the same time.

All work set by the teachers is expected to be completed and the children will be expected to upload (picture/document) work for the teachers to assess.  Teachers will be available during the school day (9am-3pm) to respond to questions from the children.  Staff will set clear tasks that pupils have to hand in through Teams  Through this we will monitor pupil’s engagement, continue to assess their learning and provide feedback.  As previously mentioned we will be expecting all pupils to complete work that is set, in order to sustain their progression.

Does your child receive support from SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) agencies?
If your child would normally receive additional support from SEND agencies, the SENDCO (Mrs Claire Gilson) will make arrangements for those to continue via alternative video platforms as long as the agencies engage.

What happens if your child’s teacher is self-isolating? 
Another member of staff will take on responsibility for this if there is capacity to support the children with their learning remotely if your child’s teacher, or a member of their family, is ill. If they are self-isolating, and able to do so, they will be teaching their class remotely. If we do not have the capacity to cover any live lessons during a period of staff isolation all learning will be using uploaded resources and links to other sites e.g. Oak Academy.

What happens if you experience issues with Microsoft Teams
In the first instance, please speak with your child’s class teacher. However, if any technical difficulties are not fixed, please contact the school Office and send an email outlining these problems. We will look into these technical difficulties and find a resolution as quickly as possible. A quick guide for Microsoft Teams can be found below.

I don’t have any access to ICT resources to support my child’s learning
Please inform the school office if you are unable to access Microsoft Teams for any of the remote learning. We can then put in alternative arrangements for their learning in place. We have a limited number of free Vodafone SIM cards with data allowance for parents to use if they have a Vodafone or unlocked device and do not have reliable broadband or appropriate data allowance. These SIM cards are limited and will be distributed on a first come first served basis. Proof of existing arrangements may be required.

How will we keep everyone safe?
We will be following a Code of Conduct for using Microsoft Teams to ensure everyone is kept safe online whilst using Remote Learning.  This can be found here on the Microsoft Team's page

As ever, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office.  

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